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Registration of birth and citizenship of a child

  (Form No. 14. and Form No.13)


A child born abroad may acquire Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia by descent, ie. origin of parents, if at least one parent at the time of its birth is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia. These conditions also apply to persons over the age of 18 and up to the age of 23.

Application is made at the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Sydney, by the parent who is a citizens of the Republic of Serbia, however consent of both parents is required. The application is then forwarded to the Registry Office in Serbia for processing, in the last place of residence of a parent.  

Consent is also required from children over the age of 14. Child's consent form is signed in front of a Consular Officer in Sydney or a Justice of the Piece, if lodging the application by mail.

To register the birth and citizenship of a child born overseas, the following is required:

  1. Application for registration of Birth (Form No. 14), completed and signed by both parents, as well as the child, if over the age of 18. If the application is submitted by mail, signatures must be witnessed by a JP. If the application is being made by a single parent, written consent of the other parent or a parenting court order is required.   
  2. Application for Citizenship  (Form No. 13), completed and signed by the parent who held the citizenship of R. Serbia at the time of the child's birth, withnessed by a consular officer or JP.
  3. Original birth certificate of the child, issued by AUS/NZ authorities, authenticated by an "APOSTILLE" certificate and translated into Serbian language by an authorised translator.
  4. Copy of Serbian Citizenship Certificate of the parents. If one parent is not a Serbian citizen, proof of other citizenship is required.
  5. Proof of residence in Australia/NZ (visa grant letter, AUS/NZ passport)
  6. Photocopy of passport of both parents or document of identification with a photograph.
  7. Marriage Certificate of parents. If parents were married outside of Serbia, marriage needs to be registered in the Registry of Marriages in Serbia - see section on "Notification of Marriage" under Consular Services). If parents are not married, evidence of paternal recognition is required (legal document or signed and certified Statement), written or translated into Serbian language by an authorised translator.

Application fee: AUD $21.00.

Translation from English to Serbian: AUD $78.00 per document.

Fees may be paid in cash at the Consulate; if applying by mail, bank cheque or money order payable to “The Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia”.

Please Note: all documents issued by foreign authorities (AUS/NZ) must be authenticated by Apostille, in order to be accepted by the Serbian authorities. Apostille certificates are issued by the relevant government department:


The Consulate General can issue an Emergency Travel Document for one way travel to Serbia for a newborn child.

Application process - please provide the following:

  1. Completed application form (PDF or MS Word), signed by the parents and witnessed by a Consular Officer. If applying by mail, the signature must be witnessed by the Justice of the Peace;
  2. Two passport size photographs of the child (3.5 x 4.5cm);
  3. Original birth certificate of the child - if born in Australia/NZ, stamped with a current "APOSTILLE" certificate and translated into Serbian language by an authorised translator;
  4. Proof of Serbian citizenship for parents, ie. Serbian passport or Serbian Citizenship Certificate (with hologram);
  5. Photocopy of foreign passport of parents or document of identification with a photograph;
  6. Written consent of both parents for issuance of an emergency travel document;
  7. Application fee of $64.00 AUD.

For further information, please contact the Consulate.

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