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Notification of death of deceased persons abroad

In order to register a death of a deceased person in Australia or NZ, in the Civil Registry of Deaths in Serbia, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

1. Completed Application Form, No 16 (MS WORD or PDF form);

2. Original Death Certificate legalised with an “Apostille” certificate and translated into Serbian language by an authorised translator.

3. Valid Serbian passport (for cancellation purposes) or certified copy of other Serbian document of identification, of the deceased person;

4. Photo-copy of Passport/drivers licence of the person completing the application for registration of death.

Application fee: AUD$ 24.00. Translation fee from English to Serbian language: AUD $78.00. Fees are payable by cash if lodging in person, or by bank cheque or money order (in the name of “the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia") if lodging by mail.

Apostille Certificate is issued by the relevant government department: in Australia, Australian Passports Office Legalisation Services, Ph: 1300 935 260 or www.smartraveller.gov.au. In NZ, „Department of Internal Affairs”, Ph: 0800 872 675 or visit www.govt.nz/authentications

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